96% of visitors aren’t ready to buy on their first visit to a website. With this in mind, it’s clear that we have a major problem. How do we get that 96% to come back? In addition to a strong retargeting strategy, an email marketing/nurturing system is often the first step in building a sustainable source of buyers.

Email nurturing is a multi-step process that involves sending emails to prospects that have opted-in to your marketing funnel. This process usually starts with an exchange of their contact information for a valuable piece of information (lead magnet). At this point, your prospect may know very little or almost nothing about your business. Obscurity is the enemy of success. After getting someone in your funnel over a few days, weeks, months, or even years, you can nurture this relationship through email.

As with everything we do, your emails will be analyzed and open, click thru, reply, forward rates will be tracked. This allows us to learn what content works and why. All our emails retain consistent design and branding.